My Story

Well, this is my sordid story about what led me to create this site…..

Ok, so it’s not actually very sordid, in fact, it’s not really sordid at all, but it is mine. My lovely wife and I have always been careful with our money, actually. We don’t have any horror stories about tens of thousands of $$ in credit card debt or anything like that. We just did the things that a lot of people do – no written budget, mortgages with small amounts of money down, car payments, credit cards (though we pay them off each month), student loans deferred as long as possible, etc. I felt like that was pretty normal; indeed, I felt like that was the only way to do things. People have mortgages and car loans and there is no way around that, right?

For the past few years, though, something had been nagging at me. I kept wondering why we didn’t seem to have as much money as other people around us. It wasn’t really a feeling like I should be keeping up with the Joneses (ok, maybe just a little) and I was never really too worried about it – not enough to actually create a budget and stick to it or even closely monitor where our money went. I just dismissed it thinking, "well, not everyone tithes to their church and we are saving for retirement and when my wife finishes residency and fellowship it will work itself out." At the same time, I felt like I made a good salary and for the lifestyle we live we should have more money in our savings.

I finally got fed up with feeling like I was doing something wrong and that started me on a mission to find out what was going on with our finances. Were we doing the right things? Were we being good stewards of our money or were we wasting it somewhere? So since late winter of 2007 I’ve really thrown myself into learning about personal finance and examining our situation. I’ve read a number of books, had lots of discussions, studied our finances, created plans upon plans, etc. I’ve spent countless hours doing this and the result has been a new financial plan that I am still in the process of implementing, believe it or not.

That is a summary, if you desire, you can take a more detailed look at the last few years before I started Borrow From None in my very first Financial Checkpoint post.

The overriding thing that I’ve discovered is that a lot of the things that I accepted as fact or as "just the way things are" are not, in fact, the way it has to be. If you’ve been doing things the way everyone does it (or at least the way everyone is portrayed on TV as doing it), you can do things better. And ironically, the better way is typically a simpler way to do it! That’s great news!

So, this blog is a product of that journey. I want it to be a conversation so please comment on anything and everything. I am going to throw my two cents out there on various topics and would love to hear your take on those things. Together we can learn from each other and both end up better off for it – financially and in general!

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  • Blending simple and straightforward financial discussion with Biblical principles to assist normal people like us in being good stewards of our finances. This site is for ordinary people who have better things to do than watch the stock market every day, study countless mutual funds, and constantly stress about their financial situation!

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