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Making Money Spotlight: Using CashCrate to Earn Some Extra Money

August 26, 2008 · Filed Under Making Money · 22 Comments 

I recently created a post listing 45 ways to make some extra money. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it generated a lot of traffic to the site. With 45 different ideas listed, however, I couldn’t spend a lot of time going into detail on many of the ideas (none of the ideas, actually). So, I thought it would be useful to go into a bit more depth on some of the easiest ideas to generate some extra money online.

The easiest of the opportunities from the making money online section of that post are:

Out of these, I am most familiar with CashCrate so I want to spotlight using it in this post.

Overview of CashCrate

Maybe they added more offers recently or maybe I just missed the good stuff earlier, but now there seems to be some worthwhile offers on the site.  When I first signed up for CashCrate, I poked around the site a little bit and tried out a small offer just to check it out.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed by the opportunities presented by CashCrate at that time. The offers available today are much better, however.

CashCrate offers cash awards as well as points.  You simply complete the offers as specified, click on the Submit button back on the CashCrate site, and your account will be updated with "Pending earnings."  When CashCrate has confirmed that you fulfilled the offer, the money will be moved over to your Earnings column.  They have a very low payout threshold – you only have to earn $10 to get a check from them the following month.

Focus on the significant offers

There are a number of small offers of below $1.00 – basically you sign up to be on various email mailing lists and CashCrate will give you a small amount of money.  If you do this, I’d recommend that you create a separate email address.  That way you can keep track of the offers without inundating your standard email address.

To find the highest payout opportunities, sort the offers by "Payout." There are some significant payout options here.  As of this writing, the largest is $125 to sign up for DirectTV.  That’s right, if you sign up for DirectTV, CashCrate will give you $125.  Of course, signing up for DirectTV service is a significant commitment.

Where I think the most value is in the large payout offers (not as large as the DirectTV) that don’t require long-term commitments.  The two categories I look at first are the free product/service trials and the shopping offers.

Earn Money by Signing up for Product and Service Trials

For instance, there are currently a number of product and service trials available for which CashCrate will pay you for signing up for the trial.  Some of the trials do cost a little bit of money, but a number are free.  I’m not suggesting signing up for a bunch of stuff that you have no interest in just to get a few dollars.  If you are interested in trying a service like NetFlix or Blockbuster, however, I think it makes sense to do it through CashCrate and earn a little money for your efforts.

Get Cash back while Shopping

Similarly, if you are planning on doing some internet shopping, I think it makes sense to check out CashCrate on your way to see if there are any offers to get a little money back while shopping.  Just tonight I purchased an item and got $10 back from CashCrate for doing so.  There are some offers for cash back in the offers section (like my $10 offer) and there is also an entire section on shopping (this provides a percentage of the purchase price back).  It isn’t a huge section, but it does have some big names there like ITunes, Office Depot, and Wal-Mart among others.

A word of caution, please do not go around buying stuff you don’t want or don’t need just to "earn" some money.  You’re not really earning anything – you’re just "spending" money.  But, if you are doing some shopping anyway, then you might as well reduce your overall cost by using a service like CashCrate.  [Another similar service that is geared strictly toward shopping is – I think they have more shopping options.  Again, shopping is spending money, NOT making money.  If you spend $50 you weren’t planning to spend to make $10, you’ve just wasted $40!]

Make Money through Referrals

Another method to make some money is to refer others to CashCrate.  For each person you refer, CashCrate gives you a percentage of what they earn and also a bonus when they make some money.  If some of your friends sign up through your affiliate program, then both of you will make some extra money.

My Summary of using CashCrate

So far, I have been pleasantly surprised with my CashCrate experience. I have made some money while exerting very little effort.  And I was really excited to see that I could get $10 back from a $23 purchase that I was going to buy anyway!  Certainly I’m not expecting to replace my current salary with my CashCrate earnings but every little bit helps.  If you complete some higher payout offers (without spending too much money in the process) and have some of your friends sign up through your referral link, you’ll be able to make some extra spending money each month.

Signing up for CashCrate is free so my suggestion to you would be to sign up and check it out .  Check out the FAQs on the lower left corner on the front page for more info.  Look through the cash payouts focusing on the higher payout values first.  I think you will probably see some that are interesting to you.  If not, then you can just leave the site and never return again.  But please, do not waste a bunch of money just to get a little bit back.  Also, and this is very important, if you sign up for the free trials, do not forget to cancel them before the "free" part ends if you aren’t satisfied with the value provided.

If you have any bad experiences with CashCrate, I would really like to hear about them.  I have had a good experience so far, but I don’t want to be endorsing a service with which others are having problems.  Please leave a comment or contact me directly.

45 Ways to Earn Some Extra Money

August 19, 2008 · Filed Under Making Money · 103 Comments 

In the personal finance basics series that I’m currently doing, the first step was to earn some money (pretty obvious, eh?). While thinking about going into more detail on this step, I realized that there are numerous directions I can go with this post. I’ve decided to start with a list of ways to earn some "extra" money – outside of your current career/job. I’m going to periodically add to this list and, over time, create a large list of such ideas.

The point of the list is to be comprehensive but not detailed. I will go into more detail on some of the ideas in the future as needed. You can search other blogs or the web to find out more information on the ones that strike your fancy. My hope is that reading through the list will pique your interest in one or more of these ideas or it will get your creative juices flowing and trigger some great ideas of your own (if you have any, leave a comment for others to see too and I’ll put it in a future list). Click here to continue reading…

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