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BFN Giveaway: Win a Premium Membership to

January 28, 2010 · Filed Under Giveaways, Paying off Debt · 6 Comments 

Last week I shared a debt repayment calculator site and today I’d like to share another one that you might find interesting.  This week, let’s take a look at BeDebtFreeAmerica.  Also, Chris, the creator of BeDebtFreeAmerica, has donated a certificate for a free Premium membership at the site so let’s take it a step further and run a giveaway, too.  Check out the bottom of the post for details.

What is BeDebtFreeAmerica?

BeDebtFreeAmerica is a “debt elimination tool” that can help you optimize your debt repayment schedule.    It seems to work in the standard manner you would expect from such a site.  You enter all of your debts and their associated information (balance, interest rate, etc) and the software creates a customized, and customizable, plan for you to efficiently pay them all off.

Multiple Reports

BeDebtFreeAmerica provides the user with multiple reports so that can keep on top of your plan and how it is proceeding.  You can view the details for one debt at a time, or a detailed list of every debt, monthly payment, interest paid, balance remaining, or just the stripped down basics of what to pay each month.  For people who like to look at data a bunch of different ways (ok, for nerds like me) this is a handy feature.  Click here to check out a sample account.

The tool appears to use the interest rate method for determining to order of payoff (pay off the highest rate loan first) but the site states that sometimes it chooses to give a smaller debt higher priority in the payoff list a la Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball.  It does provide what I consider to be a nice feature in that you can manually adjust the order the debts are paid off if you decide that you really want to pay off a specific debt first (or last, I guess).

Free “Kick-the-Tires” and Premium Memberships

I like that BeDebtFreeAmerica provides free access as well as a premium membership.  Even the premium component currently only costs $30 for a lifetime membership though, so it’s not exactly big bucks we’re talking about.  The free component provides the basic functionality but you are limited to four debts and it limits some of the capabilities.  For instance, with a premium membership, you can modify interest rates and add extra payments at any time and can view all of the reports (you only get the basic report in the free account).  Check out this comparison for more details.

Overall this looks to be a pretty nice tool and I’d recommend you take a  look at it if you are in need of the assistance.  The ability to try it out via the free membership is a great way to delve into it and take it for a test spin.

Win a Premium Membership

But why settle for the free membership when you win a premium membership!  If you are interested in winning a premium membership to BeDebtFreeAmerica, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  Tell us how many debts you are going to pay off with its help….or if you don’t feel like doing that, then just say it’s none of our business!

To Review:

  1. Leave a comment below
  2. Updated: The giveaway will close Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at 11:59 PM EDT.
  3. I will randomly select a winner using .  The winner will be announced February 10th and I will contact you via email – so please leave a valid email address in your comment.
  4. Good luck!

BFN’s First-Ever Giveaway: 1000 Business Cards

April 3, 2009 · Filed Under Giveaways · 11 Comments 

Welcome to the first ever Borrow From None Giveaway.  Thanks to the people at, I will be giving away 1000 free Business Cards .  This is a great opportunity to win some high quality business cards to advertise your service, or blog, or enterprise, or business venture (or just for fun).

I’d suggest that you check out if you are looking for some printing work done.  Besides Business Card Printing , they offer a number of other products including brochures, calendars, menus, posters, even canvas prints, plus tons of others.  They also provide live chat and a toll-free phone number if you have any questions or need assistance.  To be completely transparent, I have not yet used their services but will be getting some business cards printed up from them in the near future (I’ll let you know if I have any issues).

Here’s some info about them from their website: is a leading online printing company that provides high quality printing at the most affordable prices .  For over 25 years, U-Printing has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment.

Prize Details:

  • 1000 free standard size business cards for one reader
  • You can choose from any of the stocks for this item
  • Please note that winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping.  Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post describing how you would use your free business cards if you won.

There’s no step 2, that’s it.  Don’t worry, I won’t actually be judging your entries for originality or creativity or anything like that.  The giveaway will close Wednesday, April 8th at 11:59 PM EDT.  I will randomly select a winner using .  The winner will be announced April 9th and I will contact you via email – so please leave a valid email address in your comment.

God Bless and good luck!

(And remember that this is my first ever giveaway, as a result there may be some kinks to work out.  Please bear with me!)

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