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This Week in the Blogosphere – Haven’t Done This in a While Edition

August 27, 2009 · Filed Under Blog Links · 1 Comment 

Well, it has been quite some time since I’ve posted my weekly list of interesting and/or intriguing articles that I’ve found around the Land O’ Blogs.  In fact, I guess I haven’t done it since….last September!  Wow, it really has been a while (can that be correct?)  Anyway, without further ado (don’t worry I’m not going to list all the good posts since the last one…just those for this week)…

Ok, so check out those articles and see what you think – hopefully you’ll find them interesting as well.

God bless..

ChristianPF’s Top 20 Christian Financial Websites

February 16, 2009 · Filed Under Blog Links · 5 Comments 

Bob over at ChristianPF recently created a post where he detailed his Top 20 Christian Financial Websites and I am thrilled to say that BFN actually made the list! This is a really big deal for me because the ChristianPF blog is one of my biggest blogging inspirations.

When I first started getting serious about understanding and improving my financial situation, I spent a lot of time reading various blogs and books.  The two blogs that initially caught my attention and introduced me to blogging were The Simple Dollar and ChristianPF . I spent a lot of time reading posts from these sites and I was amazed at how much useful information the authors shared.  They introduced me to blogging as the powerful platform that it is.

ChristianPF especially was my biggest inspiration when I first got the crazy idea of creating my own personal finance blog.  Bob created so many useful and Biblically sound posts and has a great knack for sharing Biblical wisdom in a practical way.  When I decided to create this blog, I decided to aim high and hope to do as good of a job as he did in creating useful resources for his readers.

With all that being said, this list that Bob has created is a great resource for anyone hoping to increase their financial intelligence.  I am familiar with a number of sites mentioned on the list, like Bible Money Matters and Gather Little By Little , but am thrilled that there are so new resources for me to check out!  I urge you to check the ChristianPF list out for yourself.

Thanks for making up a list with so many resources, Bob, and thanks for including BFN on it!

This Week in the Blogosphere: Recovering From Illness Edition

September 25, 2008 · Filed Under Blog Links · 5 Comments 

Well, in case anyone noticed, I missed a couple days this week due to illness. And since I haven’t gotten to the point where I have all my posts scheduled beforehand, when I couldn’t get out of bed Tuesday morning, I wasn’t able to edit and publish the post for the day. And that continued through yesterday.  By Wednesday afternoon I was feeling a bit better and back at work. Actually, my wife and I were both sick Tuesday and Wednesday (though I had the worst of it so she still had to ferry the kids around to and from school). Whenever we get sick, I always seem to get sicker than she does – does anyone else experience that phenomenon?

Anyway, I thought I’d use today’s post to point out some good articles I’ve seen in the last week or so (for some reason, I’m just not inspired to talk about insurance today!)

The Apostle of the Turtle points out two compelling reasons to turn off the TV .  We don’t watch a lot of TV at our house (much to my children’s chagrin) but we still do watch some. In fact, we regularly watch only two shows – Monk and Psych on Friday night and both of their seasons just ended.

Until Debt Do Us Part asks "Why Die Rich?"  Ahhh, yes, hoarding – I get accused of this frequently (It’s something I’m working on)

To combat any natural tendencies toward hoarding (or is it just me?), consider taking part in ChristianPF’s 10 Day Give .

My wife hates coupons for some of the reasons presented (by The Happy Rock as a guest post on Bible Money Matters) in this post discussing how coupons can actually cost you money . I’ve heard so much about how great coupons are though that we finally relented and started a two month subscription to the Sunday paper solely for the coupons. The stats so far: 4 Sunday papers, total coupon savings $0.00.

I am a late adopter, mostly because of price. I know that sounds weird for someone who uses so much technology on a daily basis, but I don’t like spending a lot of money.  I still remember when the first CD players came out and cost like $5000 or something.  One Caveman’s Financial Journey discusses how being a late adopter can save you money.

Everyone wants to do more in less time, so check out these 5 tips for being more productive from Wise Money Matters.  These seem like really good ideas. Honestly, though, I’ve not tried any except #3 (what is this I keep hearing about some big bailout?).  As far as #3 is concerned, I really like it.

ChristianPF shares some creative ideas for the seemingly lost art of the thank you. I think that whether or not people are polite and friendly varies a lot based on where you are in the United States. For instance, I noticed that when we moved from AZ to NC, people were much more polite in random interactions.  Actually, I was amazed how much different it was.

God bless…

This Week in the Blogosphere: Soccer Practice Edition

September 12, 2008 · Filed Under Blog Links, My Finances · 2 Comments 
photo by CTD 2005

Soccer practice started last night. No, it’s not some reliving-my-glory-years thing, I’m the coach of my son’s Upward Soccer team. Our first exposure to team sports was in the spring when he and his sister played soccer together. This fall’s team is mostly 4 year old and I think one or two kids that are five. That’s pretty young. We were in the same age group in the spring but most of those kids were 6 or almost six (except for my son who barely made the minimum age after just turning 4). So this should be an interested experience…especially if all the other teams are stocked with 6-year olds! My son loves playing though and Upward soccer is a great environment in which to play, so we’re looking forward to it.

So what does all of that have to do with finances? Nothing I guess….well, maybe you could look at it as a frugal choice of a sports league – whereas my daughter’s gymnastics program costs more than $350 (though it does last longer), playing Upward soccer only costs $80 (and he gets a really cool uniform!). I definitely recommend checking out Upward for anyone with kids who love sports but want them to start out in a no-pressure and affirmative environment (they have other sports besides soccer as well).

Onto the week that was….

Now a double dip….

Have a great weekend and God Bless…

photo credit: CTD 2005

Lazy is the Real Mother of Invention

September 5, 2008 · Filed Under Blog Links, Intriguing · Add a Comment 

We’ve all heard the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention." Well, I say nuts to that! (what a strange saying). Sure, necessity has generated a number of inventions and improvements over the years. Let’s get real here, though, I contend that lazy is much more effective at inspiring improvements (and especially conveniences)!

Image by haydrienne

Ok, so maybe necessity triggered numerous medical improvements over the years, but lazy triggered being able to see your doctor, walk down the hall to get your blood drawn for labs, and check a special voice mail in a few days to get your results.

We’re too lazy to mail letters, so email was invented. Too lazy to walk over to the phone handset to make a call – here’s a cordless phone.  Too lazy to wait until you get home to make a call – here’s a cell phone.

Too lazy to load 45 1.44 MB disks into your computer one after another to install the latest and greatest version of your favorite software application?  That’s why we have CDs and now DVDs.

Entire segments of industries have been created to appease our laziness. You can get someone to come to your house to clean it, power-wash it, paint it, replace the windshield on your car, detail your car, or even wash your pet.  You can even get your groceries delivered right to your door!

Internet access?  Lazy.  High-speed internet access?  Really lazy.  Remote control?  Do you even need to ask?!

I think there’s a difference between laziness and indolence

I’ll admit that I am lazy.  I don’t deny it, instead I embrace it.  I am obsessed with efficiency – doing everything in the easiest and most effective way possible.  Why, you ask?  Simply because I am lazy.

Now just because I am lazy doesn’t mean I won’t work hard.  I want to do even more things than I already have time to do – that’s why I am so lazy (makes perfect sense, right!).  It’s 11:09 PM, I have done four things on my evening todo list (working on the 5th as we speak) and have four more things I’d really like to get done tonight.  Therefore, I am lazy with each individual item.  By that, I mean I want to devote the minimum amount of time to get each one done so I have more time to do more things.  Lazy?  Yes.  Indolent?  I don’t think so.

So maybe impatience is a factor as well

As I read back over the post, it strikes me that impatience plays a large role in some of these inventions as well.  I still think lazy is the mother.  I guess that makes impatience that annoying aunt that is always pinching your cheeks and saying things like, "How are we doing today?  Oh, we’re such a big boy/girl now, aren’t we?"

Only a few links this week – guess I was too lazy!

Have a great weekend and God bless…

photo credit: heydrienne

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