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  • Targeted traffic that is focused on personal finance – specifically earning extra income, responsible spending, debt reduction, and investing.
  • Borrow From None is a new site steadily building subscribers and traffic
  • On-line since late July 2008, it has already surpassed 70,000 visits and 120,000 page views
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  • I would be more than willing to discuss custom advertising options.  Please contact me to discuss this further.

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  • Please contact me with any questions or solicitations
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  • There are no guarantees for traffic, page views, or related statistics.
  • All advertisements must be approved.  Ads must be relevant to the topics on the site to provide relevant ads to the visitors and increase the likelihood of advertisers getting relevant traffic.
  • Borrow From None reserves the right to cancel any ad at any time.  If such a drastic measure is undertaken, I will return a pro-rated refund.
  • Advertisers will be notified of significant site changes before they happen and will be allowed to withdraw their ad for a pro-rated refund.

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